Saturday, August 29, 2015

McDowell Wilderness, Oregon [OC] 9798x3892

Sam Mack Meadows, California [OC] [2048x1365]

Mt. Baker at sunset, North Cascades, WA [OC] [5312x2988]

Diamond Lake fire near Crater Lake, Oregon [OC] 5177x3452

Mt. Jefferson Sunset [OC] 5182x3453

Watkins Glen State Park, NY [OC] [3742x5614]

Smoke from near by wildfire pouring into Crater Lake, Oregon [OC] 5184x3456

Natural Bridge, Springbrook [OC] [4096X2731]

Grand Canyon - Havasupai - Pure Beauty [1075x670] [OC, Mosbert]

Oregon's Mt. Jefferson [OC] 3451x5176

Beautiful hike at watkins glen state park NY state [2448*3060][OC]

Wildflowers on Mt. Washburn, Yellowstone [3799x2533][OC]

Yosemite Valley from Taft Point [OC] [3840x2400]

The Rocky Mountains at 97,275 feet - Colorado [2048x683] [OC] ©Patrick Cullis

While trekking in China, near the border of Pakistan, we captured this shot at Karakul Lake. [OC] [2048x1365]

Devil's Bathtub Southwest Virginia [642x819] [OC]

Painted Hills near Mitchell, Oregon [OC] [2112x1408]

Inside the rim of Crater Lake on a smokey night [OC][3000x2510]

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tamanawas Falls, OR [7360x4912] [OC]

Hiking in Lake Tahoe I finally got the shot I have been waiting for. (4256x2832)

Waterfall in Yosemite in the summer. [OC] [3094x5499]

Went camping in the Aidrondacks (Giant Mountain), took this shot after the rain [OC][3109 x 1974]

Picture I took in western Nebraska (cell phone) [3264x1836]

From the bottom of the 'Big Ditch'. [OC] [5312x2988]

The wildfires currently burning in Washington have created so much smoke, Mount Rainier isn't visible until the sun lights in up in the morning. But when it appears... [OC][2048x1365]

Little island on Lake Lochmond [OC][3264x1836]

We took the panorama gondola in Mont Blanc this summer and saw the Aiguille Verte summit [OC] [1200x1600]

Ring the Bell's-Aspen,Colorado [OC][1650X1650]

Gullfoss, Iceland. Still in awe of this country. [OC] [3199 x 2133]

Vista near Rifugio Tissi, Dolomites range, Italy. [OC] [2046x1064]

My dad took this at Sparks Lake, OR at 4am. [5616x3744]

A view from County Kerry, Ireland [OC] (2646x1984)

Although they're kind of intimidating to wake up next to, this is easily the best place I've ever slept.. The Grand Tetons [1280 x 828] [OC]

I was on Aitutaki (Cook-islands) for 3 days and had two nights with perfect conditions to capture this glorious night sky. [OC] [3840x2160]

Cathedral Peak and Upper Cathedral Lake, Yosemite National Park [OC][2048x1368]

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wooden path by the lake at Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. [OC] [4592 x 3448]

Mount Baker from near Heliotrope Ridge [OC] [1400x932]

One of the best boat trips of my life. Geiranger Fjord, Norway. [5493x3036] [OC]

iPhone photo does not do this view the justice I think this deserves, literally took my breath away. Dolomites, Italy [4203 × 2047] OC

I was flying somewhere over Arizona, looked out the window and caught this abstract landscape. [OC] [6016x4016]

Glacier National Park from the Highline Trail (35mm) [OC][1800x1215]

Giants Causeway - Ireland (Peter Beagan) [OC] [5150x3433]

Skógafoss waterfall, Iceland. [OC] [2599 x 1733]

A Glacial Lake at Concordia, Northern Pakistan - Photographed using light painting with an LED at 16,000 feet and 5 degrees Fahrenheit | By David Kaszlikowski [OS] [2200X1352]

First time in Yosemite [OC] [3600x2400]

Delicate Arch, Utah. This is Utah's most famous icon [OC][2560x1707]

Picture I took with my smartphone, St. John's, Newfoundland [OC] [3264x2448]

Camped in my truck to catch the sunrise over Mt. Shuksan in Northern Washington yesterday. Totally worth it. [OC][2700x1800]

Beautiful day in Shenandoah National Park [OC] [10383x3639]

Favignana, Sicily, Italy [OC] [4160×2340]