Saturday, September 19, 2015

Antelope Canyon in the morning. [AZ,USA] [OC] [4000x6000]

Peyto Lake and the valleys of Banff National Park [2048x1367] Photographed by Mark Stevens

Flatirons Milky Way, Boulder, CO [7560 X 5040 px] [OC]

The Grand Teton Mountains From A Less Popular Angle. 100% Majestic. [OC][1,086x724]

“We all were reluctant to rush back down after experiencing a sunrise behind Everest. So, we took more stops than usual and were gifted by this rare optical phenomena. A circumhorizontal arc combined with a 22-degree halo” - Nuptse summit, Khumjung, Nepal [3456x2592] Photo by Neha Gadhari

Dream Lake Rocky Mountain National Park CO [OC] [4096x2731]

Elfin Lakes, Garibaldi Prov. Park, BC, Canada. [3264x2448] (OC)

Lake Helen, Lassen [oc] [2592x1773]

Lauenental Valley, Bernese Alps, Switzerland [OC]|[5616x3744]

Williwaw Lakes, Anchorage, Alaska [2446x2446] [OC]

Sunrise at Zurich Lake, Switzerland [OC] [4896 x 3264]

Amazing water clarity at Fallen Leaf Lake. South Lake Tahoe, CA. [OC] [5184 × 3456]

Sunset over the Grand Canyon, AZ | [2048x1365] by Mike Olbinski

Kalalau Beach on the Nā Pali Coast of Kauai - Hawaii, USA [OC] [2000 x 1329]

Skinny Lake in Denali State Park, Alaska during our very short autumn. [1200x900] [OC]

Reflection of a still mountain lake in Friðland að Fjallabaki, Iceland [OC][5156x2900]

Friday, September 18, 2015

The view from Kiza, middle Velebit, Croatia [OC] [2048x1323]

Top of the mountain in Norway, approx 6000 feet. [1912x482]

Sunrise over the Bay of Fires, Tasmania [OC] [1920x1064]

Sunrise on Japan from the peak of Mount Fuji... totally worth the 3AM wakeup among grumpy hikers [2048 x 1152][OC]

Yellowstone did not disappoint [OC] [4752 × 3168]

"Valhalla", by Ursula Abresch, Canada. [693x1000]

Sonmarg - Kashmir, India[OC][2100x1300]

Dunes on Namib Desert, photograph by Stas Bartnikas [990x742]

Hidden Waterfall in Sombrio Beach, BC, Canada [1836x2754] [OC]

An absolutely breath-taking view of Chamonix Mont Blanc, France [1600x622] Photo by Christophe Boillon

Mt. Assiniboine, BC, Canada [OC] [3264x2448]

A glacial lake in the Dolomites, Italy by Ted Gore [1200x932]

I hiked the Besseggen, Norway [OC] [4928 x 3264]

Beautiful Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming [OC][1891 × 1261]

Austrian Alps as seem from Bavaria [OC] [4608x2592]

It was a bit overcast, but the reflection on Moraine Lake was still beautiful. [OC] [3072x2048]

Filming location for Star Wars VII. Skellig Michael, Ireland [2048x1536] [OC]

Brazil [OC] [5184×3456]

Georgetown Lake, CO. Near Denver [OC] [3216x2136]

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Good ol Aussie bush [OC][1366 x 646]

Just another beautiful turquoise lake in Yoho NP, BC Canada[OC][683 x 1024]

Mt. Rainier, Washington, USA [OC] [2048 x 1153]

Freedom. Dolomites. [1600x1030] Photo by Martin

Sunrise in Kõnnu bog, Estonia. Taken with a disposable camera. [OC] [1818x1228]

Overlooking Yosemite Valley [oc] [5184 x 3456]

Went to Romania, was not disappointed

Woke up early to catch the sunrise at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. I didn't expect it to be so perfect. [OC][1147x685]

El Capitan, Yosemite-Mariposa County, California, US

South West Wilderness Area, Tasmania [2048x1367] Photo by Matt Glastonbury

View from the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico. [OC] [3264x2448]

Waves crashing into rocks in Malibu

Badlands National Park, SD [OC][1920x885]

My buddy being awestruck in Glacier National Park, BC, Canada [OS][OC][716x1080]