Saturday, December 12, 2015

Nevada Falls, Yosemite National Park [4288 X 2848][OC]

Swan River by Matthew Schneider. [5760 × 3840] [OC]

Zahara-El Gastor Reservoir, Spain [OC] [2111x911]

My favorite camping spot in the world. Lake Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada. [1500x996] [OC]

The California coast and the San Andreas Fault. The fault runs along Olema Valley, between the two ridges in the left half of the frame, and continues along the bottom of Tomales bay in the distance, a little to the right of the center of the picture. [OC][4000x2050]

A foggy new england morning. I went in late so I could kayak. OC by Mrblahblahblah [5312X2988]

Lut Desert is the world's driest and hottest place. The surface of the sand there has been measured at temperatures as high as 70.7°C in 2005 by NASA [OC][1260x630]

Stormy Weather Co Kerry Ireland ( 1024 x 819) (OC_

Sunrise in Glacier National Park, Montana. [1334x889] [OC]

Mirror Reflection in Lake in the Sierras [OC][4896x3264]

Rotorua, New Zealand [OC] [2561x800]

Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, North Sisters - Oregon [OC][3917x2611]

Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone National Park [OC] [4608 x 3072]

Joffre Lakes, B.C. [OC] [6000x4000]

Friday, December 11, 2015

Maybe the most-photographed arch in the world: Mesa Arch, Canyonlands NP [OC][5851x3901]

One of the coldest winters I have ever experienced but well worth it to see this sunset, Sweden, Halmstad [OC 2931 x 1876]

Breathtaking View Of Chogolisa (7,665 m), Karakoram, Pakistan | By Aitor Las Hayas [1024x683]

[OC] I quit my job and backpacked for 4 months: Glacier National Park, looking out from Redgap Pass [1300x975]

Yosemite National Park - Lower Yosemite Falls [OC] [4608 x 3072]

My favorite mountain in New Hampshire - Chocorua [OC][4800x2400]

Haleakala Crater, HI [OC] [1417x2000]

Socotra Island, off the southeast coast Yemen; Kelly Beckta [990 x 742]

Sunset at Lake Kucherla in the Altai Mountains - photographed by Dmitry A. Mottl [1,280x853]

Haleakala Crater right after sunrise. Maui, Hawaii [OC] [2000x1333]

Path to Image Lake in the Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington [OC] [3264 × 2448]

Grand Canyon after a snow storm | [2048x965] by Danilo Faria

Chedoke Falls - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada [OC] [5000x3333]

Riding a freight train through the middle of nowhere in Nebraska passing a field of cows. [3552x2000]

Beginning of autumn in the North Cascades, WA, USA [4866x3893] [OC]

Kindla Spring, Bandera TX [OC][3456 X 5184]

Picture of a tree and some fun lighting last evening. Bessie Butte, Bend, OR. [OC] [1800 x 2700]

Sunset over the Rio Grande. Albuquerque, NM December 8th, 2015. (OC) [1600x1068]

I live in the mountains of Eastern Oregon. I woke up to this scene this morning. The picture looks black and white or grayscale but I assure you that it's not edited in any way at all. [OC] [3072 x 2304]

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Denali National Park, Alaska, Panorama by K Vaughn [1004 x 667]

Zion National Park, Utah [1080x1920][OC]

Fairy Glen, a secluded, mossy gorge in North Wales [2048×1360] Photographed by Andrew Kearton

Hanging Rock, in Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, Australia [2048×1365] Photographed by LA Thompson

[OC]Our first winter hike! Beautiful view to Malá studená dolina, The High Tatras, Slovakia [5312x2988]

Visited a friend this weekend in Los Alamos, New Mexico and had no idea it was so beautiful up there. Taken with my iPhone. [OC] [3277x1243]

Sunrise north of The Wall (GoT) Iceland [OC] [4288 x 2848]

Wharariki Beach, NZ (OC) [2361x2361]

Waves break with thunderous force high over the rocky shores below the peaks of Torres Del Paine near sunset. [1800x1185] Photo by Marc Adamus

First Snow in Nova Scotia [6000x4000] [OC]

Five Flower Ocean Lake in June, Jiuzhaigou, China [2288x2288] [OC]

Yellowstone National Park [OC] [1306x980]

Went to Iceland in the summer [5,395x3,035][OC]

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington [OC][2592x1944]