Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mt Rainier, Washington [OC] [11487 x 2649]

Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia at the northern edge of the Cascade Mountains. [OC][4608x3456]

Taken with my Galaxy S5 somewhere along I-15 S while travelling about 85 mph. [OC][5312x2988]

Okay Yosemite, you win. [OC] [1920x1282]

A particularly intense moment of the Northern Lights above a freshly fallen patch of snow in Lofoten, Norway; taken from Skagsanden Beach [5393x3450] Photo by Jerry Fryer

Ocean side desert in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain OC [4000X2248]

Patagonia, Chile :: The grassy fields amoung the Torres del Paine :: 4650x3264 [OC]

Storms over Wyoming [OC] [1500x1000]

Winter sunset on the Columbia River, WA [OC] [1002x666]

Shadow of Aconcagua and Full Moon Christmas Morning[OC] [2970x2228]

Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder Colorado [oc] [1080 x 702]

[OC] I visited Banff National Park in the summer.. Boy was Lake Louise a beauty! Took it from my phone, sorry for the cheap quality [2448x3264]

Friday, January 1, 2016

Watching the sun set on 2015. Squamish, BC (OC) [1776 x 1314]

Moved to British Columbia, Canada a year and a half ago. This place is truly awe-inspiring - Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. [OC][3008x2000]

Somewhere in Sabino Canyon, Tucson, AZ. [OC] [3264x1836]

The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland, photographed by Daniel Korzhonov [OS][1600x1068]

Crater Lake, OR, received a record amount of snow this year for December [OC][1500x1000]

Waterfall of sorts in southern Illinois [OC] [5312x2988]

[OC] Snow covered mountains in Hope, BC [1200x675]

Aruba sunset behind rain storm [5758 x 3172] [OC]

Mt St Helens Caldera Panorama [17,114 x 6245] [OC]

[OC] Looking up Loch Broom from Ullapool pier. Gloomy but very pretty. [3936x5248]

Figure 8 Pool sunset, Royal National Park [667x1000]

Maligne Lake - Jasper, AB [OC] [6016x4000]

Middle Falls - Letchworth State Park, NY (now my most viewed Flickr photo!) [OC] [4530x3020]

Black Lochnagar near Balmoral Scotland[OC] [10800 × 2332]

The volcaniccoast of Lanzarote takes an Atlantic battering (OC) [1024x683].

Squamish, BC Canada - Great place to end 2015! [OC] [1200 × 800]

The Patriarchs, Zion National Park [OC] [3135x1272]

Frozen tree in a salt lake, Bear Lake, Sovata, RO [OC][3006x5344]

Pacific coast at Jenner, Sonoma County, CA. [1600x1280][OC]

[OC]My wife and I went hiking in Girraween National Park. This is her standing in front of one of many large boulders [1728x3072]

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Foothills Park, California [OC] [5931x3954]

Braved some frigid waist-deep water in Great Smoky Mountains National Park (NC) for far too long to position my tripod close to this cool cascade. [OC][1361 x 2048]

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland, a long exposure (OC) [1000x680]

Vancouver Island Winter Walks [OC] [1080x1350]

On my way to observation point in Zion national park Utah (1000x3289)

View from Mendon Peak in Vermont [OC] [4160x2340]

Mount Binevenagh from Gortmore, Northern Ireland [OC] [1024 × 640]

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile; Gleb Tarro [990 x 742]

Peyto Lake, Alberta, CA [OC] 3264x2448]

Natural Christmas Tree on the shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. [OC] [4507X3380]

Happy New Years Eve! Here's some celestial fireworks, a composite of 40 meteors over Lassen Peak in Northern California. [OC][2500x1875]

"Took a couple of attempts to shoot this location but the mountains were often hidden in low clouds ... third attempt, we finally got clear skies at sunrise" - Going to Nusfjord [2048x1367] Photo by amstermarc

Toccoa Falls in Georgia, USA [3923x5403] [OC]

Night sky outside of Bergen, Norway [OC][3000x2001]

A nice view from 14,433ft on Mount Elbert in Colorado [5942x3961] [OC]