Saturday, January 23, 2016

Antelope Canyon Swirl [OC] [3675x2775]

Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand [3648x1743][OC]

Mt. Everest and its neighbors illuminated by the last light. Photo taken during 11 day trek to the Everest base camp via 3 passes. Himalaya, Nepal [OC] [5458x3279]

Morning Lake by Richard Grando [900x600]

La Plage des Surfers, Tartane, Martinique [OC] [1500 x 1000]

Little Tennessee River Above the Trees[6000 x 4000] [OC]

Landscape (Galicia),Spain[OC][5472x3648]

Tottori Desert under the snow [1473x983][OC]

The landing place of the first European expedition to California, Point Loma, San Diego, California.[OC][5184x3456]

Grand Canyon On A Cloudy Day [1024 x 826] [OC]

Volcanic Plugs formed 26million years ago // Glass House Mountains, QLD, Australia [1365x2048][OC]

The Virgen Valley seen from the Grand Zunig 2771 m , the guardian of the Isel Valley [1500x832] by Franz Schumacher

Supermoon from Avoriaz, France. [OC] [900*1350]

View of the Swiss Alps from France at dusk. [OC][1080*1620]

Te Hoho Rock from New Zealand's Cathedral Cove [2048×1365] Photographed by Greg Ness

Jeseníky Mountains - Czech Republic © Pavel Špurek [960x640]

Where the faeries roam, Teutoburgerforest, Germany [OC] [4893 x 3275]

Fallen Redwoods, Berry Creek Falls, Big Basin Redwood SP, California [OC][1551x2325]

Angel's Landing | Zion National Park, Utah - Beautiful hike on Monday morning [OC] [2448x3060] [xpost /r/winterporn]

Elephant hunting in Nevada State Park, Valley Of Fire - [OC] [4000x3000]

Friday, January 22, 2016

Lightning storm in the Dolomites, Italy by Franz Schumacher [2500×1667]

Early Morning Winter- Lake Erie [5471x3047]

Franconia Notch, NH on a snowy winter afternoon. [OC][6000x4000]

Bay of Tolo, Greece [OC] [3264 x 2448]

Waimea Canyon [OC] [1536 × 2048]

Welcome to the tide pools of La Jolla in San Diego, California. Incredible geology. [OC] [2991 X 3800]

Matterhorn with Riffelsee (Switzerland) [OC] [1024x683]

Where the Jungle Meets The Sea, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica [OC] [5913 x 2733]

Almost Frozen - Tamanawas Falls, Oregon [OC] [1020 x 816]

Morning sun on Salt Spring Island [3992x2550] [OC]

This giant rock is called Skull Rock in Joshua Tree California. [OC] [4000 x 3309]

A view of Hawaii from Hawaii [5029x3522] [OC]

Beautiful sunrise at Mt Warning, Australia [OC][2448x3664]

Old Growth - Big Basin, California [OC][2500x1667]

Heather Lake in the Northern Cascades of Washington. [OC] [4000 X 2854]

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lady Luna sitting high over mountains. Cordova, Alaska. [3000 × 1689] [OC]

Forest with fog and rusty fern in Reinsfeld, Germany [OC] [2656x1494]

Swept Away by the Catlins, New Zealand [1200 x 800] [by Sheri Kowalski]

Bordeaux Mountain View, St. John, Virgin Islands OC [6000x4000]

Iceland Blue Lagoon [4896x2752][OC]

Magical contrast, Teutoburger forest, Germany [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Patagonia, Chile :: The mysterious Torres del Paine on an overcast day:: 4650x3264 [OC]

Pico, Vermont over looking Chittenden April 2015 1920x1080[OC]

Painted Hills, Oregon, contrasting with some distant blues [2000x1124] [OC]

North Silver Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon [1920x1282] [OC]

Getting lost, Teutoburger forest, Germany [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Seven Pools, Maui [2,448x2,448]

Panorama from Dewey Point, Yosemite, on Monday [8192×2618] [OC]

Valley Finale - Crater Lake, Colorado [OC] [1400x933]

Uyuni Salt Flats at Sunset [OC][6000x4000]