Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lake in Laxenburg, Austria [OC][5735x3443]

Beautiful Cabo San Lucas in December. [OC] [5312x2988]

I got a ride with a groomer to the top of Ward Peak (above Alpine Meadows, north of Lake Tahoe, CA) last night. Nothing but awesome Milky Way and moonlit peaks! This shot is looking South-West towards Desolation Wilderness. [oc][2048x1457]

The view from the drive just outside of Queenstown, New Zealand [5184x3456]

Alien landscapes of southern Iceland [OC] [1200x800]

Beautiful Yosemite Valley, California [511x1216] by Dmitry Titov

Truly Amazing - Vatnajökull Glacier [Iceland] [OC] [5472x3648]

Skogafoss, Iceland [OC][5458 × 3508]

Old Man of Storr at sunrise, Isle of Skye [OC] [5585 x 3723]

A mountain of moss; Catskills, New York [OC] [1920x1080]

[OC] A snowy Loch Avon, Scotland. Taken on my phone on Thursday. [5312x2988]

Three Sisters near Bend, OR [OC][1782x1048]

Bruarfoss waterfall in Iceland, a lesser known beauty. [2500x1654] [OC]

"Steam pouring from the volcanic fumaroles of Hverarond, lit up by the light of a beautiful sunrise during our trip to North Iceland this year [2016]," says photographer Kris Williams. [1600 x 900]

South Dakota's Badlands [OC] [6000 x 4000]

Friday, April 1, 2016

Sunset in Point Reyes National Seashore, CA [5312 x 2988] [OC]

The breathtaking Concepcion Bay, Baja California. At low tide, a sand walkway allows you to walk to an uninhabitated island. At high tide, deep water and a swift current keeps you stuck in paradise. [OC](4849x3212)

Autumn morning pine savanna (Abita Springs, Louisiana, USA) [1024 x 639] © 2015, Lana Gramlich [OC]

The Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway [OC][3900x2616]

The Rocky Mountains as seen from my office [2448X3264]

Field of Flowers, Porters Creek Trail, Tennessee (OC) [1242 x 2208]

Mooney Falls near Havasupai, AZ [5771 x 3889] [OC]

Donner Lake, California [5184x3486] [OC]

Castle Hill Cove, Newport, Rhode Island [2592x1728] [OC]

The Appalachian Trail through New Hampshire [OC][4800x2400]

7,000 meters up, near the Chile/Argentina border [OC] [2736x3648]

Mt. Aspiring on the south island of New Zealand [OC] [6948x4122]

13.000 ft High - Amazing view at the Andes in Argentina [OC] [3655x1925]

Swiss Alps, between Adelboden and Kandersteg [OC][4096x2731]

Contrary to their name, the Badlands aren't actually that bad [OC][1100x746]

Rice fields in Bali from above. [OC] [3562x2555]

The most picture-perfect spot in the American Southwest, Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River [3000x2000] [OC]

Skógafoss Waterfall - Southern Iceland [OC] [5472x3648]

Crazy lightning strike caught on camera near my home town this after noon. (720 x 1080)

South Downs, UK [OC] [3239 x 2430]

Thursday, March 31, 2016

White Sands National Monument as the sun is fading away behind me. [OC] [7577x4941]

The view after a 6 hour hike, Stanley Peak, Kootenay National Park, Canada [OC][3200x1824]

Sunrise Cutting Through Fog - Eugene, OR [OC] [2500x1893]

Northern Vietnam is absolutely stunning![OC] [4608x3456]

Galloway Forest, from Shalloch on Minnoch, Scotland [2867 × 4480] [OC]

The lesser seen beauty of Yosemite. - Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park | by Jeb Buchman. [OS][4912x7360]

More Rocky Mountains taken from a Cessna 182 near Canmore, Alberta, Canada [4608 x 3456px] [OC]

Fire in the Sky above Koko Crater, Oahu, Hawaii [OC][2736 x 1821]

"At the end of a four-week road trip, I ran into some bad luck: a flat tire. I stayed the night in Monument Valley in Utah, and my fortunes turned around when I was able to capture the sandstone buttes after a light coating of snow" [2048x1536] Photo by Tyler Lekki

Nā Pali Coast, Hawaii | [2000x1335] by Ryan Stout

This is the view I'd like to wake up to every morning. Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho [1242x1242]

Grand Park to the backdoor of Mt. Ranier, photo by AlaskaGirlatHeart [4608 x 2363], source in the comments

A secret water-cave in Virgin Gorda in The Baths. This was Princess Diana's favorite vacation spot, actually! [OC] [1600x1068]

[OC] Moonlit Tunnel View in Yosemite by Matt Andersen [2000x1333]

Land of Paradise, Amlash, Iran, Amlashi [OC] [1400x1050]