Saturday, April 23, 2016

"What a Twist" The Wave, North Coyote Buttes [OC] [2048x1538]

Cappadocia, Turkey [OC] [2592 × 1936]

Sunset on the Salt Flats, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, Feb 2016 [OC] (2048 × 1536)

Sunrise during the GR20 trek on the island of Corsica [3266x2450]

Where Great Sand Dunes National Park ends and the mountains begin [OC][4800x2400]

A living painting, Ella, Sri Lanka [OC] [4320 x 3240]

Before moonrise at Yosemite | by Vicki Mar. [1600x937]

Another amazing satelite image of the Sahara Desert in Algeria, taken by Japan’s ALOS satellite [700x530]

Mt Baker from midway up Mt Shuksan [OC] [3872x2592]

Closeup photo of Mt Baker up close doesn't do it justice.... [2592x1728] (OC)

Utah Lake with mount Nebo in the background. Provo UT [OC] [3120x4160]

Bali, Indonesia [OC] [3200×2368]

Spider Meadows - Glacier Peak Wilderness in WA. By Andy Porter [5472x3648]

Mount Damavand, Iran by Ali Reza Omidvand [1024x683][x-post /r/iran]

Sunset over Nimbin, Australia [OC] [5184 x 3456]

For Earth Day, here's Big Sur! [OC] [1600x1068]

Piton de la fournaise volcano erupting, La Réunion, France [1024x683] by Gaëtan Hoarau

Friday, April 22, 2016

Saline Lake, Death Valley. [OC](5616x3744)

A gorgeous satellite image of the Nambib Desert, taken by Korea’s Kompsat-2 satellite [1280x1289]

Lush Paradise - Oneonta Gorge OR [OC] [2000x2500]

New Zealand Rocks [3686x2765] [OC]

The Three Gossips. Arches National Park Utah USA. Photographed by Cee Taylor. [1600 x 1280]

Raftsmen's Acropolis Quebec Canada [OC] [4016x6016]

First light on the Painted Wall in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Colorado [OC][2500x1667]

Celebrate Earth Day from another Planet! White Pocket AZ [OC] [3440x1440]

Sunrise on Mt. Rainier [OC][3071x1727]

A beautiful and colorful spring in full swing in the Keukenhof the Netherlands [2560x1440][OC]

Blanca Peak CO [OC] [2816x2112]

Greetings from the Badlands (-8)[OC] [1024x683]

A shot across Lake Tahoe California [OC][3840x2160]

Mesa Arch Canyonlands NP Utah by @andreinotes [oc][6016x4016] To see it as colorful as its pictured you would need to wake up about an hour before the sunrise to get a spot before many other photographers show up as there is a place for only 5-6 people to set a tripod for a good angle

Revelstoke BC [OC][5600x2000]

Thursday, April 21, 2016

OC [5312x2988] A picture I took on one of my first hikes in California.

30 miles and a state away from Mount Hood OR [OC] [3000x2000] [more in comments]

A view of the Pacific Coast near Florence Oregon by Tucapel [4320 x 2880]

Munra Point Oregon [13632 x 2952][OC] Taken on my phone

The desert of Rig-e Jen Iran [OC] [5186x3457]

Cummins Falls TN [OC][3000x2000]

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone [oc] [4000x6000]

A storm is Coming. Karagasthalawa Sri Lanka. [OC] [4671 x 3094]

Odle Mountain Peaks in Santa Maddalena Northern Italy - what a view! [1600 x 1010][OC]

Spooky Slot Canyon Escalante Utah [OC] [3456 5184]

Fagaras mountains in Romania at 7AM [OC] [1920x1080]

Half Moon Bay CA [2884 x 3485] [OC]

I literally went on the other side of the planet to take this one. Great Ocean Road Australia.[1500x1125] [OC]

Sunrise at Dead Horse Point Moab Utah [OC] [7140x4760]

Franz Josef Glacier New Zealand [OC] [1136x852]

Sunset at Visegrad Hungary [1920x1280][OC]

The tallest waterfall in Quebec Montmorency Falls Canada [OC] [3889x2894]

My friend told me about Earthporn and I thought you may enjoy some of my photos. Many textures and colors of the Namib Desert in Namibia Africa. (OC) [400x600]