Saturday, August 6, 2016

Milky Way Over Arch Rock, Joshua Tree, CA. [OC] [1800x2250]

Caught a break in the clouds - Grand Canyon [OC] [3744x4004]

Recently visited Yellowstone [4032x2268]

Walking up the Devil's Pulpit this afternoon, Scotland [OC] [6016 × 4016]

Ecola State Park, OR [11888x4659][OC]

Northern BC, Canada. Pretty flat, still pretty awesome. Moberly Lake [4000x2664]

Rock formation at Latourell falls, OR (OC) [2724x2043]

Peyto Lake, Banff, Canada - shot on an iPhone 6s (4032 x 3024)

Sunrise at Torres del Paine National Park [OC] [1920x1280]

Mont Blanc, highest mountain in the Alps, in August [OC] [4000x2992]

Sundown yesterday at Motala Ström, Sweden [4000 x 6000][OC]

Yulong, China: Yuelong Mountains. Photographed by David Dai. [2000 x 1284]

Smith Rock, Oregon, USA during sunet thunderstorm [OC] (3776×2520)

Mt. Rainier at Sunset from the North Loop Trail [OC][2048x1365]

Zorinsky Forest in Omaha, Nebraska, USA [OC] [3488x5233]

Passing through Glenwood Springs in Colorado. [OC][1504x1000]

Overlooking to Ozarks at Petitjean State Park in Arkansas [OC][4000x2000]

Lake Emerald - Yoho National Park, Canada, photographed on iPhone [OC] [1440x1920]

The Red Rocks through a circle [OC][1440x1080]

Friday, August 5, 2016

Torngat Mountains, Canada. Photo by Wayne Barrett. [6144x4096]

Soca River in Slovenia [OC] [1328x747]

Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand. [2,448 x 2,448] [OC]

Berg Lake (Mount Robson Provincial Park, Canada) [OC] [2048 x 1365]

Morning at lake Álftavatn on the Laugavegur trail (Iceland) [OC] [6000x4000]

The Butt of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides Scotland [1529 x 936] [OC]

From my day trip around Scotland last week. Glencoe, Scotland [OC] (4905x2988) LG G4

Loch Clair with Beinn Eighe - Scotland[5231x3029][OC]

Hanging Lake in Colorado [OC][4000x2650]

Jupiter and the Moon above a rock formation; Kitaibaraki City, Japan [1247x818]

Calm lake north of Elliot Lake, Ontario [OC][2670x4000)

Sunset in Kvalvika Beach, Norway | [1400x934] by drnub

Egremni Beach in Lefkada, Greece [OC] [3064x2562]

Wonder if this is earthporn? - Denmark can be beautiful. [2916x1944]

Milkyway shines above summer wildflowers in Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument area [OC] [1365x2048]

Magnificent Mount Rainier [OC] [1440x1080]

Last Rays From The Cave, Malibu, CA. By William McIntosh [1600 X 890]

Silverton, Oregon [2000 x 1333] © Clifford Paguio

Lapland. [1920x1080][OC]

As a Kiwi visiting the US, I'm proud to present Earthporn that is not NZ based - Sabino Canyon, AZ [1920 x 1280]

Thursday, August 4, 2016

OC [3142x1836] Zion National Park

Norway being dramatic [838x1000]

Old Man of Storr - Isle of Skye, Scotland [3936 x 3936]

Hot Air Ballooning in Vang Vieng, Laos. Photo by Jeremy Foster [OS][2048x1365]

The Great Smoky Mountains. Tennessee. [2720x4096][OC]

Runoff of Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone. [3798x2536][OC]

Double Arch in Arches National Park [OC][4000x2000]

Krka National Park, Croatia [OC] [7360 x 4912]

Maroon Bells at Sunrise. Aspen, Colorado. [OC][6000x4000]

Meanwhile, Autumn is in full swing in the Dandenong Ranges, Australia! [1920x1080] [OC]

My way home. Florø, Norway (4160x2336).