Monday, August 21, 2017

There's more to Banff than Moraine Lake and Lake Louise - here's Bow Lake [4032 × 3021] [OC]

Went to Lake Superior over the weekend and, yes, the Great Lakes do look very similar to oceans [OC] [4000x3000]

Solar eclipse over Moskushamn, Svalbard (Norway) by Luc Jamet [3456x2304]

Cascade Pass, WA [5439x3614]

The PNW never disappoints (Jade Lake, Leavenworth, WA)[1080x1350]

Watzmann! Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany. By Stefan Klauke [2048 x 1297]

You might recognize this mountain from last night's GoT - taken before winter came, Iceland [OC] [2000x1000]

With the smokey background, my favorite pic of Overlander Falls, Jasper National, BC. [OC] 1920x1080

I woke up at -_- just kidding, here's a cool picture of my hike in Germany [OC] [2048X1365]

Unique photo of a stone whale trying to look like t-rex in Nusa Penida, Indonesia. [OC] [800x1199]

Incredible waterfall in fjeiaosdngnasdfndik Iceland [OC] [5029x4000]

Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City, OR. [OC] [3463x4329]

Moonrise reflection at the Maroon Bells Wilderness in Aspen, Colorado [OC] [2000x1336]

My girlfriend made me get up super early during vacation, but I'm super glad she did. (Ocean City, Maryland) [OC][4032x3024]

Shot the Milky Way over Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon [OC] [1920x1080]

Glymur Waterfall, Iceland [OC] [3036x4048]

Hiked out to the canyon edge during sunset. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park [OC] [1602x2400]

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Little Tennessee River: Morning Fog | [OC] [4032 x 3024]

Cleanest water i've ever seen in a river. São João da Serra, Portugal [OC] [4608X2592]

I'd say my first trip to the Pacific northwest was a success. Snoqualmie Falls in Washington. [2160x2160] OC

Girdwood, Alaska 👌 [4032 x 3021]

Woke up early to beat the crowds. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado [OC] [5111x4016]

I took my boyfriend to a Great Lake for the first time in his life and he couldn't believe how much it looked like the ocean! Lake Michigan, Michigan [3442x4819] [OC]

After driving Going-to-the-Sun Road we hiked up to Hidden Lake. :) Glacier National Park, Montana. [OC] (2000x1325)

My first time in the Pacific Northwest, I can't believe how beautiful this place is. Mt. Rainier, WA [2880x2160] OC

My partner and I celebrated our three year anniversary in our favorite place... Upper Royal Basin in Olympic National Park, WA [WA][2496x3120]

I hiked to the tip of the USA: Cape Flattery in Neah Bay, WA [OC][5184x3156]

Boulder CO on this glorious day! [OC] [4608 x 3456]

Took my son camping. This was the start of our morning hike. Santa Cruz, CA [OC] [3024 x 3193]

Short walk for a beautiful view. Bridal Falls, BC. [OC] [1334x750]

I couldn't even begin to capture the depths of the Pyrenees, Spain [OC] [3264 × 2448]

Laguna 69, Peru. [OC] [600x600]

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I'm no photographer, but had to share this, Nordfjorden, Norway [OC] 2448x3264

The Colorado River looks good in Arizona. [OC][2049 x 1537]

I hiked into a Bob Ross painting this week. Banner Peak, California [OC] [4032 × 3024]

Lower Antilope Canyon yesterday [OC] [4640x3480]

Start Point Cliffs [OC][4032x3024]

A walk through the mountains of the Sierra during golden hour. Yosemite National Park [OC][1920x1281]

View from the top of Devil's Point, Cairngorms, Scotland [OC] [3264x2448]

Wildfire smoke glows over one of the most beautiful places in the world: The Opabin Plateau, British Columbia. [OC][4000 × 2669]

Smog over Palm Springs [6000x 4000] [OC]

[5616 × 3744] [oc] Denali highway, alaska.

Lagoa das Sete Cidades, São Miguel, Azores [OC] [4032 x 3024]

Endless Blues || Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico || [3025x4032] || (OC)

Low hanging clouds in Grand Valley, Olympic National Park, WA [OC][2496x3120]

Sunset in Joshua Tree National Park [5601 x 2979] [OC]

Mt. Rainer from Tolmie Peak Lookout, Pierce County, Washington [OC][4032 x 3024]

Blame it on the Teton's. The Grand Teton after a storm. 1600x1200

Colorful sunset at Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon. OP [8349x7700]

Trillium Lake, Oregon [OC] [4032 × 3024]