Saturday, January 21, 2017

Polulu Valley, Hawaii[OC][4927x2875]

Daily view from my backyard yesterday in Whistler, BC. [OC] [3264x2448]

Hiked for 3 hours in the dark to watch the sunrise, only to be obstructed by a dense curtain of fog but while going down the clouds opened and let me take a peak at the mountains that form the backbone of Taiwan [OC][2880x1920]

Mount Robson, Canada [OC] [6000x4000]

Bonnie Scotland! (4000x6000)

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming [OC] (4368 x 2912)

The Redwoods – Whakarewarewa Forest, Rotorua, New Zealand [OC][3456x5184]

Oneonta Gorge in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon [OC][3761x5022]

Managed to sneak a shot in before the heavens opened up again - Giants Causeway, Ireland [OC] [1050 x 700]

Morans Falls, Lamington National Park, Australia [OC] [6000 x 4000]

Home Lake - Olympic National Park, WA [OC] [720 x 440]

Climbed up in the dark, this was my view when the sun came up. Loughrigg, Lake District, UK. [OC] [1701x2126]

There and back again. Mount Ngauruhoe aka mount Doom, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand [OC][5184x3456]

Norwegian December Sunset [OC] [1536x1654]

Backwoods hiking through Yosemite, a stream of snowmelt [OC][3264 x 4928]

Lake Tahoe, NV [OC][3566x2006]

Great Sand Dunes National Park [OC] [4896 x 3264]

20 second exposure of McWay Falls, Big Sur, CA [5179 x 6474] [OC]

Friday, January 20, 2017

Annapurna Trek Nepal [OC] (4288x2848)

Fresh snow along the Merced - Yosemite Valley [OC][4699x3133]

The Kalepa Ridge Trail provides one of the best ways to take in Kalalau Valley and the Na Pali Coast. I sat there for two hours just absorbing it all. Kauai, Hawaii [OC][2048x1365]

Yellowstone in the Snow. [1200x800] OC

Yosemite National Park in heavy fog and snow [OC][1600x1068]

The Flatirons. Boulder, Colorado [OC] [5233x3489]

Reflections on lake in the High Sierra [OC][4822 × 3215]

Oxarfoss Iceland - OC [6000 x 3540]

The Alum Cave Trail. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. [2304x1536][OC]

Big Sur, CA [7360 x 4912 ][OC]

Scenic cruising in the Antarctic Sound [5312x2988] [OC]

Grand prismatic spring - Yellowstone National Park, WY [OC][3764x2500]

Crater Lake, Oregon [OC] [750 x 500]

Coyote standing in the snow steam in Yosemite National Park, CA [OS][2500x2000]

Grizzly Bear Lake - Naats'ihch'oh National Park, NWT, CAN [OC] [6000x3300]

Monument Valley, Utah USA [OC] [3264 x 2428]

A colorful night on the Mesquite Sand Dunes of Death Valley National Park, California [OC][1638x2048]

Mount Rainier at Mount Rainier National Park [OC] [2971 x 4485]

Mammoth Hot Springs at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming [OC] [2000 x 1325]

Autumn at Bear Lake - taken during a mid-September hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA [OC][2048x1365]

The Narrows in Zion National Park [OC] [1143x1428]

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Flying into Vail Colorado - [OC] 4032x3024

Rewarding view from the top after a hike of Koh Tao in Thailand (3264 x 2448)

Aerial shot of a river delta in Iceland, Emmanuel Coupe, 2014. [1247 x 832]

The recent snowfall has led to some incredible conditions in Yosemite [OC][5233x3707]

Zion National Park [OC] (5472x3468)

Photographed the Tetons 40 minutes after sunset in -12F temps, Grand Teton National Park [OC] [1600x956]

Secluded route through a green grove of trees - The Burren, Ireland [OC][3775x2500]

The three bays of Padar Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia [OC] [4288x2848]

Gaping valley of fox glacier, West Coast New Zealand - [OC] [5703 x 3689]

Beas kund, Northern India [OC] [2100x1400]

Winter views above French River, Ontario [OC] [1536x1237]