Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tamanawas Falls. The less explored east slope of Mt Hood, Oregon [5168 × 3448] [OC]

Ried Glacier Gasenried Switserland [6000x4000]

Milky Way over Broad Peak (8,051 m), Karakoram, Pakistan | By Petr Jan Juračka [2400x1602]

One of the most over photographed places but the colors of the canyon wall are just crazy. Antelope Canyon, AZ [OC] (5184 x 3195)

Nice bubble swirl at Twin Falls, Oregon (OC)[5046x3364]

Alaska [OC][4063x2566]

Northern Lights in Banff, Canada (2048×1356) [OC]

I recently moved to Alaska from Texas. It's a bit different here. [OC] [1536x1920]

Sunset at the Grand Canyon, Arizona [OC] [5253x2955]

Calm Morning at Eibsee, Germany [3282x4102][OC]

Monarch Pass, Colorado last summer [OC] [5312x2988]

The Stripes on the Rocks. Badlands National Park, South Dakota. [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Hindu Kush Mountains, Afghanistan [2448 x 3060]

River of Trees, Canyon De Chelly AZ [7284 x 4861]

[OC] Dream Lake. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA [3000x2000]

Early morning in Glacier National Park, Montana. [OC][3456×2304]

Today's Zion pic [OC][2106x3744]

Tamanawas Falls, Oregon - almost as fun to spell as Mississippi (OC)[800x1200]

Tropical Greenland [1500x1002]

The sun setting over Gjende, Norway [OC][4194x2796]

An old favourite from 2013, when my wife and I visited Yosemite. I titled this one 'Valley Of Solace'. [OC] (1500x900)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Playing peek-a-boo with the Sun - Santa Barbara, CA [OC][3918x5877]

Madeira, Portugal [OC] (5985x3995)

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Cliffs' Shadows and Arches (Étretat, Normandy, France) (oc) 2448x3264

Glorious sunset behind Mt. Baker, Washington [OC][1800x1200]

A picture i took in November at Eibsee, Germany [OC] [5312x2988]

Floating in the Clouds. Adventfjorden, Svalbard, Norway. [OC][1987x2981]

Sunrise light! Sartle, Scotland, United Kingdom. By Brad Eide [2048 X 1365]

"The sky is the daily bread of our eyes" - Ralph Waldo Emerson. Blenheim Palace, UK [OC] [4417x2944]

From my coast to coast trip in 2014. The wave, Arizona. [OC]. [5616*3744]

The Devils Teeth, Senja Norway [OC][5369x2938]

The Firefalls at Yosemite National Park. photo by Brian Chan [2050 x 1265]

Humantay Lake, Peru [OC][3838x5757]

Shire Vibes - Above Seljalandsfoss, Iceland [OC] (1867 × 2800)

Mt. hood, OR summer of 16' [4288*3216][oc]

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The red cliffs and rushing waters of Copper Falls State Park in northern Wisconsin [OC] [2765×3456]

So there actually is light at the end of the tunnel - Big Sur, CA [OC][2000x3000]

Cotton Candy Sunset over Lake Superior [OC] [6000x4000]

The Sisters Mountains, Oregon. [5184 x 3456] [OC]

Apple garden at deep winter, Kolomenskoe, Moscow, Russia [OC] [2800x2100]

Banff, Alberta Canada- Find some pictures from my First visit to Banff.[3872 × 2592] (OC)

Sunset over the Moray Firth, Scotland (OC) [1024x683]

Horseshoe Bend, AZ. [OC][5000x3328]

The famous Delicate Arch under the night sky [oc] [4930x3287]

Yosemite Firefall (aka Horsetail Falls) [OC][1620x1080]

Where the river meets - Sunwampta Falls, Jasper National Park (OC)[800x1200]

[OC] The Mouth of Yowie - Big Four Ice Caves, Washington [667x1000]

I played enough video games in my life to know I should dig here to find treasure. Antelope Canyon, AZ [OC] (4251 x 3063)

Mount Hood, Oregon. [1998 x 957] [OC]